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Playa del Carmen Reefs

In these reefs with good visibility, corals and sponges you can find large turtles that feed on algae, barracudas, groupers and colorful fish roam the area. It is common to see manta rays or sharks passing by. There are always moray eels of all sizes, lobsters and crabs guarding their caves. There is dives for all levels between 10 and 30 meters depth, with a water temp between 26 and 29 degrees.



Cozumel island is 35 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. It is among the most popular diving destinations in the world. Not only due to the magnificent visibility of up to 60 meters in good conditions or its pleasant water temperature between 26 and 29 degrees throughout the year, but to the spectacular beauty and conservation of its reefs that make it an unmissable diving point. This destination is everything you could ask for: clear warm waters, plenty of fish all sizes and colors, and corals and sponges that form gardens in the white sand of the bottom

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Puerto Morelos C56 Wreck

Puerto Morelos is a small town located about 35 km north of Playa del Carmen. In front of its coasts is the National Park of Reefs of Puerto Morelos with an extension of more than 9000 hectares that offers us of the most varied dives. Highlighted among them is the wreck "Juan Escutia". Sunk to 10 minutes of navigation from the coast and 27 meters deep, it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular dives.
This dive is one of the most pleasurable you can wish for. Behind each crevice, in each nook, the corals offer refuge to beings that never stop surprising while endless schools of fish accompany the experience.



Every year between November and March, coinciding with the minimum temperature drop in the Caribbean Sea, the coasts and shallow waters are visited by female bull sharks that come to give birth in the safety of the mangroves and shallow waters.
A drift dive is made on a sandy bottom about 24 meters deep where the sharks usually are. It is a fortuitous encounter between these wonderful beings who will come to browse and continue on their way.



After a while without diving is necessary to refresh our training. Practicing some basic skills and handling of equipment will give us the level of confidence and security necessary to enjoy our dives to the fullest.
The activity begins at the diving center with a briefing on equipment, security measures, rules and protocols. Later we go to the pool to practice all the exercises and basic skills to carry out our dives in the ocean. At noon we go to the beach where our boat is to do a double dive in the reefs. We will always be in small groups with an instructor who will provide personalized attention.

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